TurtleBot 3

Official TurtleBot 3 Tutorials

You can assemble and run a TurtleBot3 following the documentation.

  • Hardware and software setup
  • Bringup and teleoperation the TurtleBot3
  • SLAM / Navigation / Manipulation / Autonomous Driving
  • Simulation on RViz, Stage and Gazebo
  • Link: http://turtlebot3.robotis.com

Installing TurtleBot 3 simulator on ROS Indigo

TurtleBot 2

Build a TurtleBot 2

TurtleBot 2

The complete TurtleBot 2 includes a Kobuki base, Microsoft XBOX Kinect, ROS compatible netbook, and factory calibrated gyro.

Build a TurtleBot 2 from Scratch

You can build a TurtleBot from scratch by purchasing the parts such as netbook, Kinect, and Kobuki separately and following the documentation.

Download TurtleBot Documentation

Kits for TurtleBot 2

There are several kits avaliable to create a Turtlebot. Check out the distributors’ website to find out more.

TurtleBot 2e

The TurtleBot 2e is a new revision of the TurtleBot primarily defined by replacing the netbook with a single board computer such as the 96 Boards CE computer, the DB410c.

Documentation of the TurtleBot2e can be found on github at turtlebot/turtlebot2e and you can get it in pdf format here.

Dabit Industries is offering the TurtleBot2e and the TurtleBot2e Accessory Kit.

Learn TurtleBot 2 and ROS

  • Learning with the TurtleBot
  • CoffeeBot Challenge
  • Learning with the TurtleBot in Simulation
  • Challenge in Simulation

  • Link: http://learn.turtlebot.com/

The Construct

TurtleBot Tutorial from Clearpath Robotics

TurtleBot Tutorial from Gaitech

TurtleBot Tutorial from IEEE Spectrum

TurtleBot 1

Do you have an iRobot Create that you would like to turn into a TurtleBot? Check out the TurtleBot 1 documentation.

Download TurtleBot 1 Documentation

Official TurtleBot Tutorial from ROS Wiki