Open Source


The software is provided in full open-source. The main license is Apache License 2.0 .

TurtleBot3 Software

OpenCR Firmware


The components of TurtleBot3 as a default are the following: the Chassis, the Motors, the Wheels, the OpenCR board, the Computer, the Sensor, the Battery. The chassis are the Waffle plates, the Board support, the Ball caster, etc. The big feature of the chassis is in the Waffle plate, which is the biggest in all TurtleBot3 parts, but is smaller than the hand. This plate will be provided as an injection molded, and it achieves the low cost, but the CAD data for 3D printing is also available. The TurtleBot3 Burger is a Two-wheeled differential drive type platform, but is able to be structurally and mechanically customized in many ways: the Cars, the Bikes, the Trailers and so on.

The CAD data is released to the Onshape, which is a full-cloud 3D CAD editor. Get access through a web browser by using the computer or even by the portable devices. Here allows the works of drawing, assemblying with the co-workers.

TurtleBot3 Hardware

TurtleBot3 Frineds Hardware

OpenManiapulator Hardware

OpenCR Hardware

Everything about the board; Schematics, PCB Gerber and BOM for the TurtleBot3 are free to distribute under open-source licenses for users and the ROS community.

Open Source License

Software License

Main software is released under the Apache License 2.0. However, some of the sources are under the licenses 3-Clause BSD License and GPLv3.

Hardware License

TurtleBot3 is an open source hardware project as described by the Open Source Hardware Statement of Principles and Definition v1.0.

Documents License

Documents are released under the CC BY 4.0.