TurtleBot 2

Open-source robot development kit for apps on wheels.

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What is a TurtleBot?

TurtleBot is a low-cost, personal robot kit with open-source software. With TurtleBot, you’ll be able to build a robot that can drive around your house, see in 3D, and have enough horsepower to create exciting applications.


The main hardware includes:

  • Kobuki Base
  • Asus Xion Pro Live
  • Netbook (ROS Compatible)
  • Kinect Mounting Hardware
  • TurtleBot Structure
  • TurtleBot Module Plate with 1 inch Spacing Hole Pattern


The robotic software development environment includes:

  • An SDK for the TurtleBot
  • A development environment for the desktop
  • Libraries for visualization, planning, and perception, control and error handling.
  • Demo applications

Open Source

TurtleBot is an open source hardware project as described by the Open Source Hardware Statement of Principles and Definition v1.0.

It is released under the FreeBSD Documentation License. See the documentation page to download the designs.

Become a Licensed Distributor or Manufacturer

The Open Source Robotics Foundation is actively accepting applications to become a distributor or manufacturer. Follow the link below to find out more.

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